MDS Farms - Hunters-Equitation-Jumpers
2012 Show Schedule
(Tan denotes a local horse show.White denotes an IEA show. Blue denotes an A Show.)

January 14-15          No Snow Show                 Gainesville, GA
February 12           Rivendell Show                 Gainseville, GA
February 26           Regionals                     Gainesviile, GA
March 3-4             Wills Park Benefit                 Wills Park
March 24-25           Zones                        Savannah, GA
April 7-8              Elite Horse Show                  Wills Park
April 19-22            Nationals                      Syracuse, NY
April 28-29            Cheryl & Co                     Auburn, AL
May 26-27             Youth Benefit                     Wills Park
June 9-10             Elite Horse Show                  Wills Park
June 13-17            Atlanta Summer Classic I        GIHP Conyers, GA
June 30-July 1         Elite Horse Show                  Wills Park
July 4-7              Mid South Classic                Franklin, TN
July 28-29             Elite Horse Show                  Wills Park
August 11-12          Cheryl and Co                    Auburn, AL
September 1-2         Elite Horse Show                  Wills Park
September 28-29        Cheryl and Co                GIHP Conyers, GA
October 6-7            Elite Finals                       Wills Park
November 16-18        GHJA Finals                      Wills Park
December 9-12         RMI December                    Wills Park

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